Why Membership?

Although the scrap resources are donated to us, we have large overheads involved in collecting them from businesses, and paying for rent and utilities on our warehouse space. Charging a membership fee enables us to keep the price of scrap really low. We have large blue wheelie baskets in store and we suggest a donation of £10 for a full basket and £5 for a half -full basket. Members can buy as many basketfuls as they need. We also have some individually priced items at much lower than commercial prices. 

Membership Tiers

Individual membership – £15

You will receive a membership card valid for one year, which you must sign. Each time you come we will ask you to sign in, and check the signature against your card.

Small Group Membership – £30

For small, not for profit groups such as craft groups, uniformed groups, churches, small nurseries. You will receive up to 3 membership cards, and group members must show a valid card before they shop with us. 

Large group Membership – £60

Large group membership is for schools, college courses, large nurseries and commercial businesses. Any member of staff can shop on your behalf by showing us a valid school/company ID. But if your staff want to shop on their own behalf, we would need them to take out individual membership. 

Membership is available to individuals and groups and lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

Purchase Membership Online

Download Membership Form

If you would prefer not to purchase online, please download and fill in this form and bring it in to the store for us to process.